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Dic went to be with the Lord on October 1, 2009

KIOA Late 1960's

Dic Youngs
"The Ole Youngster"
by Ray Dennis


Dic was inducted into the Iowa Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 and he is well enough known and respected by his peers that he may someday be inducted into the National Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.

Dic Youngs

Richard R. Youngs was born in Grand Island, Nebraska on September 30, 1941. He moved to Des Moines from Grand Island at the age of 12. He attended Amos Hiatt Junior High School and then East Des Moines High School. He is in the Hall of Fame for both Schools and he is a proud son of Lee Township. Dic was into sports, being on the East High Football Team, receiving honorable mention for "All City," and also played both basketball and baseball, earning "All City Catcher" for East High. He served in the National Guard after which he played semi-pro football and baseball for three years.

Dic Joined KSO Radio when he was only 16 years old, after winning a KSO amateur DJ contest. Dic was an instant star at 1460 KSO and he and Hal Moore rocked the teens of Des Moines from the "KSO Fish bowl" Studio in a window at 19th and Ingersoll. KSO Music Survey Sheet. Dic left KSO and worked briefly in at a Florida radio station, returning to Des Moines radio at 940 KIOA in February 1966. Dic didn't totally give up sports as he played for the KIOA High Hoopers Basketball team for 13 years and helped them raise nearly One Million Dollars.

Dic has always had a big heart and raised over $500,000 down through the years for the Variety Club by holding a number of 50 hour radiothons, plus helping numerous other charitable organizations.

Dic has been responsible for 26 (as of 2005) Rock N' Roll Renunions at the Iowa State Fair and organized a number of KIOA Good Guy Renunions in the 80's and early 90's that brought back many of the Original Good Guys. There will be more on these renunions to follow.

The Ole' Youngster personally knows more Rock N' Roll era artists that most people, including those in the radio/TV business, can name. Dic passed away on October 1, 2009.


Dic Youngs aircheck KIOA early 1966 (first day at KIOA)

Rare Dic Youngs Hal Moore airchecks - KSO 1960

Dic Youngs Original Saturday Night Oldies Show - Spring 1985

Ray Dennis covered for Dic on Saturday nights from 1984-2007

Spot for "Youngsy's Pizza" 1969

The KIOA Good Guy Reunions Dic organized several KIOA Good Guy Reunions in the late 80's and early 90's.

Dic with various artists Also with Big Al Vecchellio (KSO and KWKY).

The Ole Youngster's 40th Anniversary -- on KIOA. P:ictures and audio.

Dic Youngs interviewing Dick Vance and Frosty Mitchell at the 1999 Iowa State Fair


Dic's Retirement From KIOA


Dic's final words on KIOA - Original Saturday Night Oldies Show 9/29/07


Dic Youngs in later years

Good Guys at Dic's funeral

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