Dic Youngs' 40th Anniversary
Oldies 93.3 KIOA
February 6, 2006
edited by Ray Dennis


The Ole Youngster, and KIOA, celebrated 40 years together on Monday afternoon February 6, 2006.

Pictures of the celebration Feb 6, 2006
A big Youngsy smile!

Steve Karlin Interview - unedited audio track (with out-takes)
Dic being himself         
permission granted from KCCI

First Hour Highlights


Youngsy's 40th opening montage.

Opening segment.

A salute from "The Boss." Ed Cristian CEO of Saga Communications.

Dolph Pullium talks about the KIOA High Hoopers.

Dick Vance, Dic's program director at KSO. He Brought Dic into the business.

2nd Hour Highlights

Some Poetry in Motion - Johnny Tillotson

Governor Bob Ray

Kevin Cooney from KCCI

Freddie "Boom" Boom" Cannon

Dic's Daughter Jennifer. Dic didn't recognize her voice at first

3rd Hour Highlights

Peter McLane, the guy who hired Dic at KIOA

Bunch of Good Guys Steve Mathews, Jay Weise, Rick Elkin, Lee Githens, Mike Pace

Todd Kim, former KIOA newsman and Mr. Polly

Charlie Martin, worked at KSO with Dic was there. Ray Dennis tells Youngsy story

Governor Terry Brandstadt

4th Hour Highlights

Dic doing news - He did a little bit of everything in the station

Jim Michaels - One of the great KIOA Good Guys

Dic's Brother Larry - He even sounds a little like Dic

Why there is no "k" at the end of "Dic"

KIOA Good Guy Sandy Shore - Now the voice of Disney

KIOA Good Guy Terry Rich

John Pascuzzi - Movie critic and long time friend of Dic's

KRNT's Steve Gibbons - Dic's Uncle Stevie

Tony Lornio - Producer and Director of Dic's Anniversary Salute show

Polly's comments and wrap-up


Audio cuts and pictures presented by permission of Saga Communications and KIOA

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