Des Moines TV Stations
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*Significance of Felix the Cat: Felix the Cat was used as a model for
early experimental television transmissions in the 1920's.


WHO-TV Items and pictures


KCCI (originally KRNT-TV)Items and pictures


WOI-TV Pictures and media


Iowa Public Television

History of Iowa Public Television from their website

1978 IPTV pictures courtesy of Don Sears


MISC TV info and trivia

What happened to TV Channel One? Why do the channels start at channel two?

Cable channel lineup (whopping 18 channels) Hawkeye Cablevision
Des Moines cable rates Early 1970's. Courtesy of Cal Bierman

Des Moines Tribune TV Listings June 7, 1966

KDPS Move to 18th and Grand and the New KDPS-TV-1958-59

KDPS-TV 11 "KaDiPus Club" membership card.

KDPS-TV 11 "Join me on Kadipus Land" button

KDPS FM and TV pictures - 1962 PDF file home page