Bill Riley
"Iowa Media Legend"
and "Mister State Fair"
Compiled by Ray Dennis

Party Line on KRNT - 50's

Interview With Bill Riley
Grant Price
July 8, 1999 is pleased to have received the rights to stream the audio from this most interesting interview done by Eastern Iowa "Dean of News," Grant Price. This interview was recorded for the Archives of Iowa Broadcasting Collection at Wartburg College and was originally done in video. supports the Archives. Both George Davison and Ray Dennis serve on the advisory board.


Beginnings at KRNT/KSO

Hey Bob and 5000 screaming kids

Teen Time and Talent Spouts

KRNT Party Line

KRNT Radio brings TV preview to the Iowa State Fair - 1946  Pictures

KRNT/KSO split and fight for Channel 8

Bill Riley cable TV pioneer

Bill Riley Talent Search goes to the Iowa State Fair

Bill Riley at WHO-TV

Hundreds of Talent Search trips

Bill Riley as "Pitch Man" for Public TV

Interview wrap-up

The Interviewer -- Grant Price from Wartburg Magizine Online

Grant price passed away in Fall 2008


Bill Riley "Hey Bob Show" live children's show from 1949.

Early Bill Riley pictures Party line, etc.

Closing of Bill Riley Talent Search Show - Sep 1966 (announcer Dan Lawrence)

Bill Riley induction to Iowa Rock N Roll Music Association - 2004


Bill died in Scottsdale, Arizona, of complications from leukemia at age 86 on December 16, 2006.

Bill Riley in Wikipedia

Des Moines Register Famous Iowans - Bill Riley link


Special thanks to the Archives of Iowa Broadcasting, Wartburg College and Grant Price

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