Sharon, Oh Sharon
Dick Vance, with Dominic and the Dominos


In 1963, KSO air personality and program director Dick Vance recorded a 45 RPM record entitled "Sharon oh Sharon. The song was promoted on KSO and it was charted, as shown on the survey sheet featured below.




"Sharon Oh Sharon" sung by Dick Vance with Dominic and the Dominos.

Courtesy of Wayne Johnson

"Zelda Oh Zelda" 1963 KIOA Good Guy takeoff on KSO Dick Vance's "Sharon Oh Sharon" 45 RPM release. Doug MacKinnon was Leroy Breadsacker. Adam Jones was also part of it. "Zelda" was actually pressed onto 45 RPM records and sold for $1.00 each. The proceeds went to a charity.


Courtesy of Pastor Ron (KIOA Ron Phillips) Kallem.


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