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May 11 KIOA Frosty Mitchell Clear Lake Crash News Report  That fateful news report as heard on KIOA Feb 3 1959. 
Jun 24 KIOA Stu Adams aircheck April 1964 Stu was one of the first KIOA air personalities to take on the "KIOA Good Guy" label
Aug 25 Mike Pace at KWBG Boone 1970 Quite a career was ahead for Mike.
Aug 25 Old Radio Guys Reunion 2018 Some of Central Iowa's radio guys had a luncheon in Marshalltown put together by Kyle Martin.
Aug 25 WHO-TV Equipment - 1961 At the 11th and Walnut studios.
Aug 25 Phil Thomas - KIOA In KIOA Newsroom in the late 60s.
Aug 25 1950s Younkers Radio Spot As Younkers closes forever, here is a sound bite from the company's glory days.


Mar 03 Studio equipment from KIOA, KMGK and WHO - 1975-76 George Nicholas has provided some interesting pictures.
Mar 03 Rare pictures from KSO in 1967 Bob Briggs worked at KSO at the young age of 16.
Mar 03 KIOA Good Guy charm on a chain Courtesy of Nancy Crowfoot.
Mar 04 Specifications for 2,000 ft KCCI tower - 1974 The original installation collapsed during installation due to weather and was replaced.
Mar 08 Doug and Don MacKinnon in front of Tromar Skating Rink 1958 soon to be the new KiOA studios at 5th and Park.
Mar 30 KRNT Program listing guide a;round 1969 It looks like it was a handout and/or mailer - courtesy of Bob Briggs.
Mar 30 1969 Bob Briggs 18 year old PM drive host on KRNT Some pictures and ads about Bob and 1969 KRNT.
Oct 04 KIOA Peter McLane introducing the Fabulous Flippers Regional brass rock garage band - live concert inro for very popular group.
Oct 04 WHO's "Radio Tradio" with Steve Locker Steve mixed humor and drop-ins with the buy and sell items.
Nov 12 KIOA "Heavy Hitters" softball team Also combined KIOA/KMGK "High Hoopers" basketball team.



Feb 02 Video of 1977 WHO-TV EyeWitness News 6pm with Phil Thomas, Greg Burden, Mike Lozano and Jim Zabel
Feb 11 1981 KGGO remote From Sorensen's Fitness Center.  Does anybody know Doug or Paul's last name?
Apr 08 KRNT studio pix 1975 New Custom McCurdy board in control room and Van Harden in production studio.
May 09 KSO Jock Lineup Winter of 72-73 The Rock of Des Moines promotional piece with the Des Moines Capitols
Aug 05 Be there on WHO-TV souvenier poster from the 1980 Iowa State Fair
Aug 17 Demoliton of KRNT Theatre and KCCI-8 Studios 1985 at 8th and Pleasant St.
Aug 17 1946 Closed Circuit Preview of Televison at the Iowa State Fair KRNT radio had RCA bring in equipment for demonstration
Aug 17 Inteview with Ray Dennis and Bob Cannon on Iowa Public Televsion about 1946 State Fair TV demonstration
Aug 29 KDPS DM Public School Station Music Survey APril 1968 The Rich Walls referred to there later became the famous Ron O'brien of Top-40 fame
Aug 29 KSO 1937 Promotional Game Card It looks like a bingo type game card
Oct 18 Misc Music Survey Sheets from Lisa Wheeler KIOA KSO KWMT
Oct 18 Dwight Herbert luncheon/reunion July 8, 2016 - several of the KYNA staff and others were there. Aircheck of Chuck Morgan
Nov 04 WHO WWII Pacific Battle Map Front and back of Rand McNally map. Back shows station news schedule.



Feb 11 KIOA Art Jones Aircheck and Jingle August 6, 1072. Art passed away in Feb 2015.
Feb 12 KRNT 1969 Katz Agency audio presentation featuring the station's new contemporary approach.
Feb 12 KIOA Late 50s Print Ad Probably 1958 or later as it indicates 215 Keo address.
Feb 12 KIOA 1999 Iowa State Fair Dic Youngs with Dick Vance and Frosty Mitchell.
Mar 31 KWKY Transmitter Site in Norwalk Taken in 2013 previously studio and transmitter.  Studio moved downtown in 2012.
Apr 24 KWKY After the Fire Control room shot after the 1977 fire at the Norwalk studio/transmitter.
May 02 Station Timeline update Timeline updated to reflect recent new stations and frequency changes.
May 25 WHO 1937 brochure Pictures of the facility and personalities from that golden era.
Aug 21 KWBG Boone Staff - 1965 The staff in 1965 including Gary Price who became Program Director of WCFL in Chicago.




Feb 12 Smokey Smith section updated Smokey passed away on Feb 3, 2014.
Feb 21 Station timeline updated 104.1 KLTI-FM call letters changed to KMYR.
Feb  21 Station timeline updated WHO granted 93.7 for 250 watt translator to simulcast.
May 17 "Another Broadcast Day" Recordings of station sign-on and sign-offs.  Many Central Iowa radio stations from the 50s through the 80s.
Jun 22  WHO Duane Ellett and Russ Odegaard 1971 announcing re-play of old Lum 'N Abner program.
Jul 02   KSO - Phil Thomas long theme jingle CRC - typical show opener for the era.
Jul 19   KSO - Jock lineup from very early 60s The likes of Hal Moore, Dic Youngs, Dick Vance, George Gregg, Ed Roberts, Bob Baker and more.
Aug 23 Great Country KSO's T.G. Captain The Date Connection and more from the 1980s.
Dec 05 Pictures of KIOA 215 Keo Studios- 1973 Courtesy of the Late Bruce Allen's family.


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