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Jan 17 KSO Tom and Jerry Airchecks A collection of some of their Funniest bits.



Feb 4 More KIOA Survey Sheets and Hal Moore Wild Child Fink membership card.



May 10 Doug MacKinnon Scared Spitless 2013 DM Register article about strange lights at the KIOA transmitter site in 1959.
May 13 Trubute to Doug MacKinnon Promo May 11 2020 Pure Oldies 104.5 - Des Moines Radio Group.



Jan 10 Pictures Inside KRNT Late 70s Early 80s  Great pictures of the staff at work.
Jan 11 WHO-TV Graphics hand drawn  Before digital graphics.
Jan 11 KRNT-TV Advertising from 1972  Number One! See if you can name all of the faces.
Jan 11 United Federal Saving Spot with Jingle From Cal Bierman's collection. Obviously before the Savings and Load crisis.
Jan 16 More pix from KIOA Broadcast House at 8th and Keo Jim Michaels and others.
May 07 Central Iowa Oral/video history interviews from The Archives of Iowa Broadcasting.
May 29 God Made a DJ Parody from Paul Harvey's "God Made a Farmer."
Jul 25 KIOA Music Survey Sheets from 64-65 The start of Beatlemania with comments from David Craft.
Jul 27 KSO Music Survey Sheets from 64-65 With comments from David Craft.
Sep 10 Don Thompson pictures from KRNT Don also had a successful film and TV special career.
Oct 10 Radio Station Timeline Updated 104.1 call letter change to KOEZ from KMYR and translators added.
Dec 08 WOI AM and FM in the 90s Pictures, commentary and material from Dan Case, student and WOI staff member in that era.
Dec 09 KWMT Dr. Don Rose The Doctor at a remote.



May 11 KIOA Frosty Mitchell Clear Lake Crash News Report  That fateful news report as heard on KIOA Feb 3 1959. 
Jun 24 KIOA Stu Adams aircheck April 1964 Stu was one of the first KIOA air personalities to take on the "KIOA Good Guy" label
Aug 25 Mike Pace at KWBG Boone 1970 Quite a career was ahead for Mike.
Aug 25 Old Radio Guys Reunion 2018 Some of Central Iowa's radio guys had a luncheon in Marshalltown put together by Kyle Martin.
Aug 25 WHO-TV Equipment - 1961 At the 11th and Walnut studios.
Aug 25 Phil Thomas - KIOA In KIOA Newsroom in the late 60s.
Aug 25 1950s Younkers Radio Spot As Younkers closes forever, here is a sound bite from the company's glory days.
Nov 09 Top 40 Radio 1955-1975 Book by Central Iowa Native and regular Microphonies attendee - David Craft.



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