Wonderful Town, Wonderful People
By Ray Dennis

As the story goes, one of the local radio stations, most likely KIOA, had this jingle produced by Richard Ullman and Associates for the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce around 1960. It was used for many years and heard on several radio and TV stations.

This writer remembers KSO using it as part of their station sign on in 1974 as he was working morning drive (airname Gary Wade) The station operated 24 hours per day but would sign off at midnight Sunday for a few hours to perform equipment maintenance. Mike Murray's voice was on the sign-on tape.

When you listen to the lyrics of the jingle, there are three items that date it. It mentions the "new" Veterans Memorial Auditorium, the "new YMCA" and says that Des Moines is a "railroad center." Vet's Auditorium is now considered inadequate and most of the railroad tracks are gone.

Wonderful Town, Wonderful People jingle


Jingle courtesy of Bob Ogburn, engineer at KCCI.
Bob is an avid jingle collector and you will be hearing more of his collection on this site. home page