KSO - 1460 Khz


Brief history of KSO  The early histories of KSO and KRNT are intermingled.

KSO goes on the air in Des Moines Nov 5, 1932 article. KSO was moved from Clarinda.

1930s promotional postcard - Charlie Flagler
Courtesy of Peter McLane.

Higher quality KSO on air aricle in PDF file format (long download for dial-up surfers)

KSO DIV-VY promotional game card from 1937

1940s combination KSO/KRNT farm ad Cowles owned both stations.

Pictures from 1947 KSO book  Entire book as PDF file


KSO's 550 ft AM/FM tower at 3900 NE Broadway

Meadowgold featured dealer of the day September 3, 1949

1956 air staff This was a couple years prior to the switch to Top-40.

Dick Vance profile Pictures and audio interview.

KSO Girl Watcher Card 1960

KSO's Frank N. Stein Burt Powley

Dick Vance written music policy from the early 60's.

 Phil Thomas long theme jingle - early 60's

KSO news close and jingle from the early 1960's. Notice the use of the Morse code bug used as a break between news stories. Another technique commonly used was "on demand reverberation" on the story datelines.

KSO "Big Red" mobile news intros -- early 60's. Dick Vance talks about Big Red in our audio interview and tells how the station turned "Big Red" into a personality.

KSO 1962 Val Air promos -- Ted Adkins and Johnny Midnight.

Audio Glimpse into 1963 KSO. Jock intros and news intross

"The Whitehall Stations" ownership 1964-1966

1967 studio and newsroom pictures with Bob Briggs

KSO Promotional Rock n Roll Special Products LP with jock pictures - from early 70's

Switch from KSO "The Rock of Des Moines" to "Great Country KSO." Spring 1974. Morning talent wasTad Murray with newsman, the late Chuck Shramek (aka Vern Walker). Cut courtesy of Bob Ogburn

Hear 1974 Gary Wade with Johnny Tillotson just days after the switch to country. Also a picture of Curtis King.

Great Country KSO's morning man John Leslie October 1977. KSO was the only Des Moines station to ever broadcast AM stereo. They were Great Country Stereo KSO for several years in the 80's.

More pictures and articles from the Great Country KSO era

Morning personalities Tom and Jerry "The Breakfast Flakes" Profile, pictures and audio.

The "end of the road" for KSO - Sept 1, 1989 Comment and audio.


Jingles and Voicers

KSO Newspaper and other print ads

Music Survey Sheets

Reflections of a past KSO DJ from the early 50's Jim Woodard

Jock Lineup from very early 60s

KSO jocks Winter of 72-73 with the Des Moines Capitols

Bumper Stickers

KSO Spirit of 76

Bobbi Star

Dr. Johnny Gray

Tom and Jerry

*Bumper stickers and some of ads from Cal Bierman collection.


Misc Items

KSO-KFMG tape box label from 1974 A bit plain, but it served the purpose.Oct 11 03

KSO Great Country Logo Scanned from the master cut. Courtesy of Peter McLane.

KSO Great Country Stereo Sticker Courtesy of Dennis Moore*.

1967 Advertising Rate Card Owner Stoner Broadcasting.

Late 70's rate card Country era.

6th Great Country Concert -- 1979.

Bosley Entertainers picture -- possibly from the 20's or 30's

KSO Keeps on Truckin' patch 1973

T.G Captain, The Date Connection and more from the early to mid 80s


*Note: KSO was the only Des Moines AM station to promote itself as transmitting AM stereo. KIOA tested a Harris stereo transmitter for a short time, but never mentioned it on the air.


KXNO now occupies 1460.


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